Friday, April 29, 2022


The Emerging Tofu Latte Police State

 No one should be okay with the Democrat communist insurgency

Tuesday, April 26, 2022


Almost everything with the word “global” in it is BS


Tuesday, April 19, 2022


The Sustainable Road to Tyranny

It’s been insightfully noted that any large organization not specifically created to promote conservative causes, will inevitably morph into an institution in support of leftwing causes.

Like many towns across the world, the little town 

I live in has, in the past couple of years, seen posters, billboards, and bus advertisements touting the UN’s “Sustainable Development” goals.  In synch with the so-called “agenda 2030” and World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset,” Sustainable Development is another perennial scam to herd the world’s population into international obedience to the schemes of globalist elites.  There was a time — not long ago — when even suggesting the existence of such programs was evidence of a deranged belief in conspiracy theories.  Now, supporters of these ideals are quite open about their motives, methods, and goals. Aside from the typical smily-faces facades, supporters of the new world order are fairly clear that they want to direct the emergence of global government.  The structure they hope to impose upon humanity is not a democratically elected representative body but a global system modeled after the one the Chinese Communist Party has inflicted upon its citizens — an authoritarian surveillance state. 

The whole “sustainable” development con has nothing to do with development.  “Sustainable” assumes that “we can’t continue on the current path” when in fact it is free societies and economies that have produced the greatest advances in human history, elevated people from poverty, produced a cleaner and healthier environment, and honored diverse beliefs and lifestyles. Bureaucrats and budding tyrant ideologues have produced nothing of positive value and perpetually express their jealousy and disdain for success and progress. From Plato’s “guardians” to contemporary communists and fascists, the recurring theme is that an intellectually superior cast should be afforded absolute authority over our lives.

“Sustainable” means mere subsistence for the many and absolute authority for vengeful ideologues and intellectuals. 

The usual stated goals of the sustainable scam are appealing caricatures of peace, equality, justice, health, and safety from looming environmental demise.  The usual motive is, of course, fear.  If “we don’t act now” we are doomed to an end-of-the-world scenario with rising sea levels, pandemics, and mass-inequality.  They apparently haven’t noticed that the many trials we now live under are the direct result of government policy and interference. The Corona Virus did not come from a bat, economic devastation has not occurred from small businesses freely remaining open and selling goods and services to willing buyers. And war is not the outcome of angry shopkeepers wanting to pick fights with people they’ve never met. There are actually people stupid enough to believe that the same corrupt and incompetent forces that perpetually bring havoc to our lives will bring perfection to the world if we enhance and focus that power into a monolithic global authority.

It’s beyond ironic that the villains who claim to be freeing us from capitalist exploitation are in fact some of the richest and most powerful people in the world.  The Bill Gates’ and Klaus Schwab’s of the world have been actively nurturing the establishment of global authority that is the absolute opposite of the values embodied in America’s constitution. Klaus Schwab, of the World Economic Forum, openly brags at having instructed a long list of current world leaders in government, industry, and media.  Angela Merkel, the Prime Ministers of Canada and New Zealand, the President of France, Jeff Bezos, and Bill Gates are among the many who have participated in Schwab’s “Global Leaders of Tomorrow” program. Is it any wonder that characters such as these have been so willing to use the Corona Virus as a means to lockdown societies and claim justification for a “Great Reset.”  By now, many have heard the now cliche’ statement that “by the year 2030, you will own nothing and you will be happy.” Of course, if we “own nothing,” someone will be owning everything and I doubt very much that Klaus Schwab or Justin Trudeau will be renting their suits or ski lodges.

When we get down to basics in our appraisals of the current paradigm, the great battle that looms before us is one between globalism and populism.  We might just squeak by this latest power-grab with our freedoms intact.  To our good fortune, these egotistical tyrants are very impatient and, once again, jumped the gun in their fervor to create a new world under their sole direction. There are now millions who are aware of where this sustainable con is going.   We are not going to simply be surveilled into adopting a social credit score, global passport/ID, and submission to a new breed of autocrats. 

The minions of tyranny will continue to use their mouthpieces in entertainment, education, and media to promote their phony dystopia ala smily-face billboards and threats of doom if we don’t fall in line to their latest schemes. 

Remain vigilant and…”When the time comes…respond accordingly.”

Thursday, April 07, 2022


Big Oil vs. Big B.S.


The price of oil has dramatically increased of late and, like clockwork, Democrats begin congressional hearings to grandstand against the greedy oil company’s “record profits.”

Of course anyone with the most rudimentary understanding of economics realizes what the factors are that drive costs of any product. “Supply and demand” used as a description of processes in a free market is not just a principle in macro-economics.  It’s a psychological principle on the way individual humans judge the value and desirability of goods and services.  

A concerted effort to impose a “green new deal” upon Americans is certainly not beneficial to low prices for the current sources of energy.

If one hears the rants of modern day Luddites, one would think that oil companies simply pick a random — high — price and take people’s money. The obvious thing being missed here is that there are two sides to the equation. In exchange for the money given — however low or high it may be — the industry in question has to give the customer something. Only the government can establish an arbitrary amount of your financial resources to literally seize, and often give nothing in return. If they do provide a “service,” it’s often something you didn’t ask for. (Few Americas have asked their government to give free smart phones to people illegally breaching our country’s border). 

Regardless of the cost, buying the product of fossil fuels includes the substantial cost of searching for the resource, finding it, extracting it, refining it, and transporting it around the world so you can spend five minutes filling up and driving to the latest anti-capitalist protest. 

Young people in particular, raised on the crusading political ignorance of milquetoast teacher union drones, hold images in their mind of greedy fat cats destroying the environment solely to sell gas to selfish drivers.  Of course among those drivers are those who drive buses and ambulances and fly planes (including the private ones preferred by people like John Kerry). 

Also missed in the cartoon appraisal of big oil “greed” is the fact that virtually everything we use that provides civilized living uses fossil fuel in one form or another. People heat their homes with it and acquire everything from synthetic fabrics to household appliances (plastic doesn’t grow on trees). 

While those prone to the ideological disease of leftism still fancy an idealistic world of yesteryear, free of synthetic anything and idyllic in communal charm, the reality is that energy production from burning wood or dung is an inferior method of advancing civilization.  I won’t even begin to ponder the nonsense of tilting at windmills or car batteries which have their own problems, all swept neatly under the bumper-sticker vision.

The point here isn’t to champion the cause of guys in ties under the heat of Democrat persecution and media lies but to simply point out the underlying truth in a controversy of our time — civilized and advanced societies require energy to function. If Klaus Schwab and the Davos crowd aren’t calling the shots, the cost of living in the modern world is based on the result of consumer choices and the availability of products to meet those choices — deal with it.


Tolerance and acceptance has now become…cringe, with an added dose of weakened national security. 

Note, China, Russia, and Iran are not bolstering their defenses (and offenses) with hat tips to the bizarre life choices of less than one percent of their populations.


Why isn’t the government going to pay for tattoos and multiple piercings?

More proof there will definitely be a red wave. 

In addition to economic and foreign policy incompetence, the left has to add decadence and perversion — brilliant. 

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